Our Company History

T.J. Wey founded RightWey Consulting with the belief that not every project requires a full-time babysitter and therapist. Project Leadership, Organizational Change Management, and Process Improvement are the key pillars to RightWey Consulting’s strategy to supporting its customers. With an eye towards sustainable change, T.J. not only manages projects but identifies opportunities for scalable business process and trains your staff to support the change in a way that grows your team’s skillsets and capabilities.

Tailored client-focused solutions

Not every project is equal. The needs of your business are unique to you. That’s why Rightwey conducts scoping consultations with you and your team to custom tailor the services we provide. If we can’t fulfill your need, and we know who can, we’re happy to help you make that connection. 

Sustainable, long-term change

Knowledge transfer, documentation, and training are key deliverables for our practice. When we complete the engagement, we leave you ready to take the reigns of your new process. Your satisfaction with the hand-off is a point of pride for Rightwey Consulting. 

The right project, the right way

We want your business to be successful. To that end, if we don’t believe that the project will achieve your long-term goals, we will advise you accordingly and help you identify options for a more sustainable solution. 

Professional Solutions for Your Business.

Cost Avoided (thousands)
Team Members Supported
Projects Implemented