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Agile Project Management

Agile Project Management for Small Businesses

Agile project management is a major trend in workforce management that has been gradually making waves in corporate America since the Agile Manifesto was signed in 2002. Agile first caught on with tech startups because it is designed to address highly-risk, high-complexity projects by breaking it down into manageable pieces, or deliverables. These frequent deliverables […]

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A Component of Agile Organizations

Change Management as a Component of Agile Organizations Infographics are great for communicating a great deal of information in one place. What this infographic from PMI’s Thought Leadership series tells me about agile organizations is that the principles of change management are integral to the culture of a truly agile organization. When I first took […]

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What efforts are needed in building a PMO

According to research conducted by the Project Management Institute, the lifespan of the average Portfolio Management Office (PMO) lasts 2-3 years. Regardless of your company’s project management maturity, you need a way to communicate to your business stakeholders the value of your team’s contributions to the bottom-line. And that’s where a Portfolio Management Office comes […]

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Identifying if it is a Project or Process?

Google the Project Management Institute (PMI) definition of a project, and you’ll find that a project is a unique endeavor with a distinct beginning and end that is not repeatable. This is a straightforward concept for your textbook project manager to understand, but your business managers may not see it this way. New process rollouts […]

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