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Risk Mitigation Planning for the Entrepreneur

Alright, we always have to start with the fundamental question- What is risk? Risk is the possibility that an event, positive or negative, impacting a project’s outcome could happen. For most traditional projects, positive risk has only one response- accept. Work got done faster than we thought? Cool, put that extra time into our schedule […]

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The Art of Project Managing Entrepreneurship

When I made the spur-of-the-moment decision to start my own project management consulting business, I didn’t give the structure of my latest scheme much of a thought. I’d been reading plenty of books about negotiation and doing what makes you happy that included examples related to starting a business that made me feel like my […]

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Thoughts Halfway Up the Rock Wall

When I set out to leave my ledge behind me, I erased the large “Say YES to YOURSELF” message from my vision board and replaced it with a poorly rendered doodle of my stick-figure self-stuck halfway up a rock climbing wall that I had previously struggled with. I’ve tackled this route several times at the […]

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