Change Management

Leveraging the Prosci ADKAR model to plan, compose, and implement business transformations hand-in-hand with project execution.

Every project managed by Rightwey Consulting will include basic Organizational Change Management techniques to support the change. Full-scale, dedicated Organization Change Management, however, is a separate service from Project Management, and should not be conducted by the same resource.

Contract with Rightwey Consulting to perform an Organizational Change Management assessment and design your change management plan, including communication and training schedule. Know the change management risks associated with your business transformation from the beginning, so that you and your team can mitigate those risks accordingly, as one of the workstreams in your project management plan.

Don’t leave organizational change management to the last minute by re-branding communication and training. Address the change up-front with your top executives, who set the tone for the change from the beginning. If your team